Indoor Projects

Indoor public sculptures reflect public outreach and show something of interest about the history of the area where the building is or how people use the place where the sculpture is located.

Butterfly Progression
Eight panel art feature for the children’s area at Westwood Library, Los Angeles, California. Panels show a numerical progression of butterflies in proportions of one through six.
A set of seven tactile "navigation" sculptures for The Exploratorium, a science museum in San Francisco, California when it was located at the Palace of Fine Arts. Sculptures guided visitors and described the museum's exhibits in weather, life sciences, sound and so on using the sense of touch. Project reflected consultation with blind people as well as residencies at two state schools for the blind that included study of mobility and maps for the blind.
Library Time
Seven unit art feature for the main reading room at Ascot Library in Los Angeles, California. Neon flashes in slow-time, that is, “Library Time”. Sculpture subjects: times of day and night and the history of the Ascot area as an entertainment zone.
To the Nines
Two unit art feature for the Teen Room at Pacific Palisades Library in Los Angeles, California. Sculpture subject: history of Pacific Palisades as a movie colony and church camp site. "Tumbling Blocks" quilt pattern shows images from the palisades, the ocean and the flowers of purple sage as in "Riders of the Purple Sage".
William Nettleship