The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture commissioned the collaborative design team project with HNTB and Will Nettleship for the design of Old Cross Cut Canal Park. See link for location and additional information on the park.

The Ohio Arts Council commissioned Horizons and The Black Swamp. The Ohio on line arts website has additional images and information on the sculpture of Will Nettleship.

Medialia Gallery Medialia is an art gallery in New York on West 38th Street. For some years Will Nettleship has participated in an annual group exhibit on the theme of chess. IImages of the sculptures and drawings from these exhibits can be found on Medialia's web site through Will Nettleship's name in the ARTIST section.

The Los Angeles Public Library system, through the agency of the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, commissioned To the Nines, Butterfly Progression and Library Time. For locations and times of operation of the Pacific Palisades Branch Library, Westwood Branch Library or Ascot Branch Library, this links to the main web site or link to the Branch library sites.

The Exploratorium displayed Seven Tactile Navigation Sculptures in the 1990ís. The Exploratorium is a hands-on science museum with exhibits created by artists, many of them addressing sensory phenomena. Will Nettleship was in residence in 1992.

William Woods University is the site of Centuries in Turn. The university was founded in the 1870ís and offers a liberal arts education. In 2010 the university was selected for Tree Campus USA status. The site sculpture creates a central courtyard, plaza, theater entrance and part of the central walkway on the campus. The university web site has additional pictures of the sculpture.

Michael Flechtner was the fabricator for To the Nines and Library Time. Mr. Flechtner is an artist who works primarily in neon; he has completed commissions and worked with many artists nationally and internationally.

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William Nettleship